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Normans Beaver Colony

We meet at the Hut on a Friday eveing. 18:15 until 19:30

The Beaver Scout Promise

I promise to do my best
To be kind and helpful
And to love God.

What we'll be doing

What we've done

Norman Beavers have a very busy autumn planned that is out of this world. We are working towards two badges this term our Space Activity badge and our Safety Activity badge.

We will be learning all about the amazing things we can see in the night sky, launching rockets and making our very own Solar system.

We will also learn and use the Green Cross Code, plus the Water Safety Code, Stranger Danger and safety in the home.

We will be attending the Remembrance Sunday Service at All Saints Church.

Plus we have a Halloween Sleepover at the end of November and a Pantomime trip to see Robin Hood “Oh no we don’t, Oh yes we do”

Bug Huts- Saturday 3rd Oct 2015

The Bug Houses are in place and a big well done to all the Beavers who have taken part this year in making a real difference to Milford Park. The park committee were so impressed with what we have done. Our wild flower garden looks fantastic and our bug houses are amazing. Well done everyone! More amazing work to come!

New Year - Friday 8th Jan 2015

It's good to be back and Normans had a fantastic night. Lots of team games all working towards their fitness challenge badge and we eventually got our badges awarded that we missed at the end of last term. Also Tim Richardson and Steve Davis eventually got their Beaver names voted in so hence forth they shall be Falcon and Otter (much better than Tim and Steve!!). We also got to welcome a new Beaver ! Phew a busy night

Xmas Party - Friday 19th Dec 2014

A fantastic Christmas party night for Norman Beavers tonight.
A big thank you to all the leaders who make our adventures possible.
A special thank you to our special guests tonight Adam Tchaikovsky for his musical entertainment and of course the main man himself Santa! Sorry we woke you up so loudly Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night

Hilltop Manor - Friday 5th Dec 2014

A wonderful evening at Hilltop Manor.
Norman Beavers sang beautifully and just as our juice and cake were in sight we heard cries of "more".
Who are we to disappoint our audience! Well done Beavers.

Panto - Saturday 22nd Nov 2014

It was boo's for the bad guy and shouts of it's behind you all the way for Norman Beavers at our Panto trip and a great time was had by all. I think I can safely say we were the loudest and best singers of Robin Hood riding through the glen!

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Spooky Sleepover - Friday October 24th

Halloween Sleepover

There were some spooky goings on for the Norman Beavers Sleepover. We had a very special night planned and the Beavers turned out in style, we had witches, warlocks, ghouls and ghosts.

The Beavers got to kick off the evenings with some great activities, Apple Bobbing, Pin the nose on the pumpkin and Halloween Crafts.

For those very brave Beavers we had “Can you guess what it is” where they put their hand into the box to find a trick or a treat. But it was no ordinary box it was full of slimy and sticky and yucky things. They loved it!

Of course we had our very own Hogwarts where they all passed their “Novice broomstick training”.

All fantastic fun.

I was very honoured to do my very first investments and we all welcomed Thomas, Charlie and Max into Norman Beavers.

We then made our own pizza and crispy cakes (with a spooky ghost on top!) for supper.

Then we set up camp and settled down for our movie. Wallace & Gromit “The cure of the- were rabbit” and no movie would be complete without hot chocolate and marshmallows.

To finish off the night we had a makeshift camp fire made from touches and orange sheeting. It really looked very good for our stories around the campfire, before we settled down to sleep.

The next morning after breakfast there was just time for a quick game for dodge the pumpkin and some badge awards before it was time for home.


A fantastic time was had by all .

Vicki (Elk)

Papier-Mâché Planets - Friday October 3rd

Messy but fun making papier-mâché planets. More messy fun next week when we get painting. The Beavers each need to find a interesting fact about their planet for next week. Can you name all 8 planets?

Road Saftey - Friday September 26th


Think, Stop, Look and Listen tonight for Norman Beavers. Working towards their safety badge and they all did a fantastic job and should be very proud of themselves. Well done Beavers.