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Brythons Cub Pack

We meet at the Hut on a Thursday evening 18:45 until 20:15

The Cub Scout Promise

 I promise that i will do my best,

To do my duty to God & the Queen,

To help others & to keep the Cub Scout law.

What we'll be doing

What we've done

The Brython’s return to their Kingdom in Elmet with the goal of achieving their Community Challenge badge.  They will be planning a great fundraising event, trying to raise a £1000 for Candlelighters. So look out for our posters with the events we have planned.

They will also be meeting an ambulance crew and continuing to improve their first aids skills.

Please join us on the 9th of November and watch our parade to All Saints Church to remember the fallen, a hundred years since the start of the First World War.

After the half term we will be teaching the art of pioneering and taking on a great pioneering build with hitch’s and lashings a plenty. What will they choose to build? Watch this space to find out.


Raft Skills Challenge - Tuesday 13th Oct 2015

Tonights Skills Challenge was Raft Building, Rules were simple, Support a T-Light on the water.

Raft Floats 30 Seconds +10

Candle 10cm Above Water +20

Raft Paper Only +20

Candle Below Water Surface +100

Most Floated, 2 were made from Paper only, One got the candle 10cm above the water, The Scout only got a Float :-)

Pioneering - Tuesday 18th Nov 2014

Tonight we worked on our Pioneering Skills by making Trebuchet's, these are a catapult which uses a counterweight to propel objects.

Litter Racing - Tuesday 2nd Dec.2014

Tonight 3 teams of cubs built a litter each, a structure used to transport people. We then raced them, time trial style across the hall. We had an obstacle we called the 'Zulu chasm' where opposing teams threw foam javelins at the running team. Much fun was had by all but we missed the bear, get well soon!